AubySat is an Indore based I.T Company which believes in delivering the Nex-gen Solutions. With the same vision we got the idea of Ultra Speed Space Net. It is the future of this interconnectivity domain, which will be delivered by a beam to your house. It's a fast, effective and most importantly is affordable to every human present on this planet.

Beam Net is the only way which will help to fulfill the ambitions of a truly Digital India. This is the technology that really helps to bring the power of internet to every individual.

Our Vision

'Beam Net will be the next generation of internet.' Our Dream is to turn cities in self-sustaining wi-fi zones with cost effective solution to the end-user, thus making India a truly digital and wi-fi nation.We help to bridge the digital divide and reach underserved areas, at the same time bringing laser fast World Wide Web access to urban zones.

How Auby Is Different?

Low Time Consumptions Solutions. Works With Latest Technologies Like Air-Fiber, Mesh Wi-Fi Etc. Works On Gigabytes Internet Speed. Low Cost Solutions. Integrated Solutions for Government Sectors, Private & Public Sectors. One Stop Solutions For Broadband, Voip, Satellite Connectivity, Software & Interconnectivity Solutions.